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Green Forest

CaringHealth Journal Vision

I am a mom and registered nurse with a history of disordered eating. I started writing as a new mom to help me better understand my challenges, normalize mental health struggles, and empower other moms and caregivers.

The next evolution of my writing is to explore the overlap of health & wellness, weight stigma, and social justice.

While I am not an expert in these fields, my recovery from disordered eating has led me to question traditional views of health, and I am passionate about learning more. I acknowledge as a white, straight, cis female, I have a privileged identity and cannot truly understand the complex experiences of those with marginalized identities. 

My journey has shown me that the concepts of health and wellness are much more complex than our healthcare system and diet culture proclaim. True health is messy and intertwined with fatphobia, ableism, racial inequities, and many other social justice issues.

My vision for CaringHealth Journal is that my experiences and insights can encourage others and offer a more nuanced and compassionate perspective of health & wellness.

Thank you for reading.

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